Millennium Strategic Consulting (MSC) and The Silverman Group

Squarespace Websites

Website Design, Identity Design

Rings Leighton strives to find the appropriately-sized solution for every client. For those clients needing a website that does not require customized design and development, Squarespace can provide an easy-to-update, budget-friendly option. Depending upon the size of the site and desired level of customization, a new site can be launched in a matter of hours, not weeks. While lacking the robust array of options that other content management systems like WordPress provide, Squarespace’s hosting service automatically runs needed updates, making it an attractive choice for those who don’t have the time or team to dedicate to website maintenance.

Millennium Strategic Consulting (MSC), Inc. is a multi-faceted strategic communications management firm that combines expertise in political strategy, government relations, and public relations. In 2005, they hired Rings Leighton to design a logo and branding materials. Since then, we have provided new and updated communications materials as their needs evolved. In 2021, the original site Rings Leighton built for MSC was due for an update and was completely overhauled. In addition to providing a platform for MSC to promote their services, the site features a video assembled from stock footage—a time- and budget-conscious feature we can provide—to enliven an otherwise static homepage.

Silverman Group

The Squarespace site we built for The Silverman Group not only promotes their services but serves as a platform where their frequent blog posts and podcasts can be posted and shared.