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Priniciples for Peak Grantmaking Logo

Peak Grantmaking developed their Principles for PEAK Grantmaking initiative to help grant managers employ the best practices possible. Rings Leighton was tasked with developing a logo for this program that fit seamlessly into PEAK Grantmaking’s already-established broader visual identity. Conceptually, the logo had to depict the integration of the five component principles, while also being modular, allowing each individual principle to also be represented on its own.

Rings Leighton brainstormed numerous concepts, discussed them internally, and chose several to further develop. After presenting these to PEAK Grantmaking, one design was chosen and further refined.

Once the logo was designed, RL applied it to a series of communications Principles Framework documents.

Alternate Designs

Principles for Peak Grantmaking

Publication Sample

Principles for Peak Grantmaking Sample Publication