Fairfax County Health & Human Services

2019 Needs Assessment Report

Print Design, Data Visualization, Illustration
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Fairfax County, Health & Human Services 2019 Needs Assessment Report Cover and Two-page spread.

The 2019 Fairfax County Health and Human Services Needs Assessment was “completed to provide community leaders with a snapshot of population, economic, and infrastructure trends and needs in Fairfax County. This Assessment takes a deeper dive into the trends and data of the community, utilizing existing resources to transform the data into meaningful information and foster an integrated approach for continuous improvement.”

The deliverables included design and layout of the report, custom illustrations, font and color palette usage, line editing, treatment of text, footnotes, tables, charts, graphs, maps, and assistance in development of the story line. RL services also included cover design and imagery including visualizations, infographics, photos and other images to help convey key messages. We also created a composite design of the three inequities. Each inequity can be extracted from the whole symbol. Each symbol works independently and represents just that inequity. And the Economic, Transportation, and Health Inequity sub-symbols can be linked together to show their interrelationship.

Interior Spreads

Needs Assessment Report interior pages
Needs Assessment Report interior pages