American Nurses Association • American Nurses Foundation

Reimagining Nursing Initiative

Logo Design, Publication Design, Banner Ad Design

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the premier organization representing the interests of the nation’s four million registered nurses. Rings Leighton has deep institutional knowledge having had ANA as a client since 2012. For the Reimagining Nursing Initiative, RL created an identity and marketing campaign to build awareness and educate target audiences of the objectives of the initiative and encourage applications for funding of 11 pilot programs to innovate the profession of nursing and thereby improve healthcare for all. The branding included the distillation of exhaustive resource materials into a concise and targeted message. The identity included a logo, logo lock-up, microsite, infographics, icons, branding toolkit, proposal template, digital and print ads for this initiative. The primary goal was to receive at least 100 competitive grant proposals. The messaging yielded 347 proposals submitted, of which 177 were competitive. A memorable brand and microsite were created that generated an enormous number of competitive applications.